What is an email campaign?

First things first — what is email marketing? Email marketing is broadcasting a direct message to a group of people via email, usually people who have opted in.

You may be thinking… why email? Well it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to stay relevant in front of your consumers, and it’s a great way to build your brand loyalty.

So email campaigns… what are they?

An email campaign (sometimes called email funnel, email drip campaign, or nurturing campaign) is a series of emails that are specially tailored to enhance or nurture a relationship between the business and the consumer.

Email campaigns are usually set up in some type of email marketing service. Here are some of the most popular ones:



Most companies whose emails or newsletters you sign up for probably have multiple email campaigns set up for different types of leads.

For example, suppose you sign up for emails from an online retail store. Once you submitted the email form on their website, you went into their email database. From there, your email is dumped into a series of funnels based on how you submitted an email and if you are already an existing customer.

Maybe you didn’t purchase anything, so you go into their prospect funnel to be swooned, nurtured. They flirt with you, give you interesting information and media to digest, and maybe sneak in a special discount to try to woo you. And it’s all automated!

An email marketing service can track certain actions of your leads such as when they’ve filled out a form, attended a webinar, or added something to their online shopping cart. Those leads can move into a more targeted email campaign to try to convert them into sales.

And once the prospect turns into a customer? They get sent to the customer drip campaign! Email campaigns aren’t just about winning new customers. They also help to remind your current customers that you’re still there. Email campaigns help build trust and brand loyalty.

Do you want to know more about email drip campaigns or nurturing programs? Leave a comment below! Or feel share one of your favorite email drip campaign tips.

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